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We hope to raise awareness for babies and families impacted by Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This petition will be tabled in the Queensland Parliament, calling for SMA testing to be added to the standard newborn ‘heel prick’ test – a change which will hopefully save many young lives.

PLEASE SHARE & SIGN THIS PETITION to help give babies born with SMA a chance at a better life.

What is SMA? Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is an inherited motor neuron disease that is the leading genetic cause of death in Australian infants. In fact, 1 in 35 Australians are a carrier of the gene. Over the border, NSW and the ACT have been successfully trialling SMA screening at birth for over two years, and the test only costs approximately $10. If detected early, SMA can be treated before irreparable damage is done, leading to a drastically improved quality of life.

We need to Move For Oakley and we can’t wait another day. We are calling on the QLD State Government to include screening for SMA in routine newborn testing at birth. Our hope is that this petition, which will be tabled in the Queensland Parliament by our Patron Laura Gerber MP (Member for Currumbin), will demonstrate the community support & desire for change in Queensland.

Please support our campaign by signing and sharing. x Kate and Grant

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